Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mail Drops #1

Some people have expressed interest in sending me mail. I appreciate that IMMENSELY, but the details are kind of tricky, so bear with me.

1) It would be better for things to get there too early than late. Post offices hold packages for up to 30 days, but if I have already passed a town I can't go back and get the mail.

2) Packages with food and other goodies are great, but remember that what I can't eat in a single setting I will have to carry on my back along with 35 pounds of other gear or throw away. So, 1 pound of gummy bears would be much-appreciated, but 12 would be wasteful (or make me sick).  Letters with stories, jokes, poems, your musings on life, etc will be appreciated more than anything else, and I will definitely respond to them! Make sure to include a return address.

3) Fact: you can send mail to yourself at any post office. You just send it via General Delivery and show a photo ID to pick it up. So here is a list of post offices I will be stopping at for the first 1000 miles of the trail and my estimated date of arrival at each one.  In italics is what you should write on the letter/package:

a. Franklin, NC
Erin Tainer
c/o General Delivery
Franklin, NC 28734
Please Hold for AT hiker ETA: 4/3/2010

b. Fontana, NC
Erin Tainer
c/o General Delivery
Fontana Dam, NC 28733
Please Hold for AT hiker ETA: 4/6/2010

c. Hot Springs, NC
Erin Tainer
c/o General Delivery
Hot Springs, NC 28743
Please Hold for AT hiker ETA: 4/15/2010

d. Damascus, VA
Erin Tainer
c/o General Delivery
Damascus, VA 24236
Please Hold for AT hiker ETA: 5/1/2010

e. Troutville, VA-  This address is my parent's house. I'll be there around May 15 but you can send me mail at this address any time and my mom will make sure I get it.
Erin Tainer
2755 Little Catawba Creek Rd
Troutville, VA 24175

f. Harper's Ferry, WV
Erin Tainer
c/o General Delivery
Harper's Ferry, WV 25425
Please Hold for AT hiker ETA: 6/1/2010

4) The estimated dates of arrival are the best-cast scenarios so the packages will likely be sitting in the post office for a few days.  So don't send anything that needs to be refrigerated.  In reality I won't be hiking that fast, so it's not an itinerary.

5) In June I will list the post offices for the northern section.


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